Merriwa is excited to have developed their very first internal All Abilities Communications Team to support marketing and communications within the organisation.

The Communications Team has up to two representatives from each business division who are supported by the Marketing Officer and the Support Officers.

Team members were selected for their passion and interest in communications such as photography, taking videos, interviewing their team, writing and their desire to learn new skills.

Marketing Officer, Jo Maples says “The idea came about to support the Marketing role but also to get input, ideas and information from our team members who are right amongst the action of their divisions and teams everyday.

A great part of the initiative is that our Communications Team members will be learning new skills and have the opportunity to upskill in their areas of interest, whether that be video editing, using Photoshop or learning how to use a drone for photography, so we are really excited to bring those skills to the team and to Merriwa.

It’s really about growing and developing an all abilities team that is contributing to Merriwa and the community; already our team has taken photos that have featured in The Chronicle and for instance in this feature, almost all of the images have been taken by our Communications Team, so what an awesome outcome.”

The Communications Team meets via the Teams App each month to discuss their upcoming projects, give feedback, make suggestions and ideas, and discuss what skills they would like to develop.

As the team develops their skills, they will be able to showcase their photography, videos, and media skills in the community.