Billy Taborada first joined the Merriwa team as a 16-year-old, commencing in the company’s Timber division as a supported worker.

“I worked in Timbers for about 14 years,” Billy explains. “It wasn’t my first job though. I used to sell and deliver newspapers on my bike from the age of 13!

“I’ve grown up a lot since then – I started with Merriwa when I was just a kid.”

Billy then joined the Packaging team and has again proven himself a valued team member, charged with numerous responsibilities.

“I work in the warehouse where I “flip” products from wooden pallets to plastic pallets. I had to learn I use a machine called a “flipper”. It took me a little while to learn how to use it,” Billy says.

Once Billy flips the products, they are sent via airlock to a room where they are repackaged and subsequently transported back to the customer.

Billy says he enjoys his job at Merriwa (“It keeps me out of trouble!”) and being part of a harmonious team of approximately twenty people.

Billy has the special responsibility of representing the Packaging division on Merriwa’s Supported Employee Advisory Committee (SEAC). The Committee acts as a sounding board, providing advice and ideas to company management.

“Bart, Merriwa’s CEO, comes to our SEAC meetings each month and he chats with us about supported worker things. I’ve been a SEAC member since the early days,” Billy explains.

Outside work, Billy is a keen Essendon Bombers supporter and attends several games a year with his mum. He likes to kick the occasional footy around and loves watching reruns of classic television shows M.A.S.H and Hogan’s Heroes.

Well done, Billy, on your long and valuable contribution to Merriwa.