Our Businesses

Merriwa is recognised as one of Australia’s leading supported employment enterprises, employing over 105 supported employees within a team of over 300 employees, across five Business Divisions.

When you become a customer of Merriwa, or support a customer of Merriwa, you benefit by:

  • Receiving excellent value for money and certified quality assured products.
  • Clearly demonstrating your commitment to enabling people of all abilities to prosper.
  • Providing demand for products that enables real, meaningful work for people who may not otherwise have the opportunity.
  • Your employees being proud that they work for an organisation committed to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Reaching your diversity spending goals and supporting the growth of diverse businesses.
  • Supporting small to medium sized enterprises and local industry.

By supporting Merriwa, you are making a positive impact by creating new jobs, being a valued corporate citizen and supporting local industry.