Engineered Wood Products

Merriwa Timbers has been providing quality timber products to it’s clients for over 30 years, proudly manufacturing our timber products in Wangaratta, Victoria as one of Australia’s leading supported employment enterprises.

We manufacture engineered wood products for distribution across Australia, with our timber being sustainably sourced in Australia and produced and tested to AS/NZ 1328:1998 standards.

Glue Laminated Beams

We manufacture GL13 Australian Pine laminated timber beams (H3 treated or untreated pine) and GL18 Tasmanian Oak hardwood (treated and untreated) laminated timber beams in multiple sizes and lengths up to 12m for easy installation.

Our glue laminated timber beams offer a high quality, durable, high strength product which is commonly used as a structural building material and is suitable for staining, painting and clear finish.

Merriwa’s Glue Laminated Timber Beams are:

  • Made from Australian grown pine which is an environmentally sustainable product
  • Tested to AS/NZ 1328:1998 Australian standards
  • Manufactured in Australia by one of Australia’s leading supported employment enterprises
  • Available in non-treated or H3 treated pine and hardwood
  • Hardwood beams are made from green material sourced in Tasmania and then dried onsite at Wangaratta

Download the Glue Laminated Timber Beams Technical Data Sheet for recommendations for handling, storing and protecting Glulam timber products.

Our Timbers Division manufactures engineered wood products including Glue Laminated Beams and Stair Treads. We manufacture GluLam beams for large wholesale companies, retailers and building industry. Our highly capable all abilities team works efficiently with the following equipment to produce our high quality products: timber drying kilns and reco, Weinig PowerMat 700, Cube XL 4 sided planer, finger joiner, pneumatic and hydraulic laminating presses, double sided thicknesser, Titan semi-optimiser, CFS semi-optimiser and drum sander.

Our Timber Division operates in a fast paced environment with an all abilities team, where we provide many opportunities for skill development in all aspects of the production process, with a strong focus on safety, quality and continuous improvement.

Our team has a range of roles at the different work areas on the production floor, as well as administration, management, supervisors and logistics.

Contact Merriwa Timbers Division direct on:

P: 03 5722 7621

E: [email protected]

Our products are also available at various suppliers including, Bunnings, Bowens, Meyer and Dindas.

Timbers Divisional Manager