Merriwa has recently welcomed Jennette Estevez to the role of Merriwa Community Services Manager.

Jennette comes to Merriwa with a wealth of experience, including ten years in the UK Police Service, and since then, senior management and CEO roles in aged care, disability, mental health and accommodation services.

Jennette has a passion for helping others and is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the Merriwa Community Services team into the future.

“I want to make sure our staff are happy and that we identify and capitalise on their past experiences and strengths,” she said.

Other areas Jennette wants to focus on include streamlining processes
and being audit-ready at all times. Jennette also hopes to explore opportunities to engage with homelessness programs and to provide services for clients with “high care” needs, where a standard residential setting is unsuitable.

Jennette believes “your team is only as good as the leader”.

“I am a supportive and responsive manager, and I see the best in people,” Jennette said.

She is also a hands-on manager.

“I wouldn’t expect anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t be prepared to do myself.”

The future of Merriwa Community Services is exciting and in good hands!