Merriwa has been providing community support services for more than 20 years. Up until last year we offered residential support and life skill development for people with a disability. Together with both disability support services we provided residential care services for young people who for many reasons are unable to live with their families.

Statistics show that 1 in 32 children in Australia are subject to a child protection order and 4% of them have diagnosed disability. Merriwa’s dream is to be part of a future where people of all abilities reach their potential and they feel respected, happy and confident. Our goal at Merriwa’s Child Youth and Family services is to offer support for young people in residential services who have a disability, providing a safe and nurturing environment so that one day they can be proud, valued contributors to our society.

On behalf of the Executive at Merriwa, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the team at Merriwa Community Services, you are the unsung heroes of our organisation, tirelessly working, making a difference, in what is often a very stressful and unappreciated environment.