If, on 24 January you saw people at Merriwa wearing purple and asked why, Glenn Mercer from Packaging achieved his aim.

“Before I started at Merriwa, I was trying to raise awareness for Moebius Syndrome, but it was going nowhere fast. The syndrome is rare, so it is unknown by many. In my lifetime I have only met two other people with Moebius Syndrome, and they were babies.”

Glenn Mercer organised the wearing of purple and purple cupcakes to support Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day.

The syndrome is a rare neurological condition characterised by weakness or paralysis of multiple cranial nerves.

Glenn said his manager told him Merriwa Industries was the right place to raise awareness.

“I met with Bart Crawley, CEO and asked if we could have an awareness day at Merriwa,” Glenn said.

“It makes me feel great about myself. It makes me feel like I belong here. The hard part is that it seems it is important for one week a year and then it is slowly forgotten about. I am trying to change that,” he said.

“We are all champions. I appreciate everyone that wore purple on 24 January as it helped to raise awareness. And I am hoping that people asked one another, why people are wearing purple?”