Late last year, Merriwa announced its acquisition of a commercial site in Wodonga to cater for growth in its packaging business.

Fast forward to 2019, and the Romet Road site has become a hive of activity, with forty people now employed there.

The site is highly recognisable as a Merriwa facility, with external signage very visible to surrounding streets, and employees proudly wearing their Merriwa uniforms.

Inside, the plant is humming, with five production lines being utilised to satisfy a broad range of customer products.

Scott Grant, Merriwa Wodonga’s General Manager of Operations, said the expansion into Wodonga was to cater initially for increasing customer demand for packaging services, with the ultimate outcome to provide further employment opportunities in the Albury/Wodonga region.

“Merriwa is committed to providing an environment that encourages people of all abilities to reach their potential, while delivering quality products and services to our customers across Australia.

Replicating the integrated employment approach of the Wangaratta operations, which employs 85 people with disability out of a total workforce of 240, has been achieved seamlessly.

“The move into the new Wodonga site has been relatively smooth. Our existing customer base have been very supportive. We’ve hit the ground running to ensure our employees are comfortable in their new working environment and that we’re providing uninterrupted supply of products to those customers.”

In considering the future of Merriwa in Wodonga, “Albury/Wodonga is a large, robust economic region, with many national and international organisations having a presence. We expect that with our proven business model for integrated employment, we will be able to commence conversations with a number of these organisations over the coming years,” Scott said.

“The Wodonga development complements our existing business and supports our vision for Merriwa in the future. We are excited to continue to pursue a prosperous and bright future for Merriwa and the community”.