OAK FM is sharing the Merriwa dream of being part of a future where people of all abilities reach their potential and feel respected, happy and confident by giving them the opportunity to train and present on their own radio show.


Follow the journey of our new rising radio presenters as they discuss their time at OAK FM.

Anthony Hicks

Time at Merriwa 13 years

“My time at OAK FM has been so rewarding. Lucy Roberts: Packaging Administration Officer is wonderful and a fantastic help. Danny Boy (Radio Presenter) has shown me how to use the studio consoles. I’m looking forward to more training this might lead to greater things.”

Andrew Dart

Time at Merriwa 10 years.

“Working at OAK FM is pretty awesome. It was a new experience hosting live radio shows. I’m enjoying selecting music and radio announcing. This has been a huge experience and helped my confidence.  I love putting the headphones on and just going with the flow.”

Emma Ernol

Time at Merriwa 5 years

“OAK FM is really great, I love it! It gives me confidence, having learnt to speak on the radio. I am even getting attention from the team at Merriwa. I am feeling more confident to go out on my own. Now I am using music computer systems and this week I will be going old school, breaking out the CDs.”

Paul Crush

Time at Merriwa 5 years

“I found this experience very welcoming. I am creating a list of my favourite bands and in two weeks’ time I will be going live to air. Lucy Roberts, Packaging Administration Officer helps me with challenges of timing, speaking, playing music and advertisement breaks. I would like to continue doing this.”

Zach Maskell

Time at Merriwa 4 years

“I appreciate the help I keep receiving from Danny Boy (Radio Presenter) putting on music that has not been played in a long time. Kenny Rodgers, The Bee Gees and Doctor Hook songs are some of my favourites. I have been thinking about new show ideas; maybe co-hosting with another Merriwa team member.”

Andrew Schneider

Time at Merriwa 3 years

“I like going to OAK FM – it is pretty nifty. I was impressed with how they set up for our show sessions. The people at OAK FM seem friendly.  I was just happy to do the training.”

Tune in to OAK FM every Thursday between 12pm and 2pm on 101.3 to hear the latest from the Merriwa team.