For Merriwa to deliver its Purpose of “providing an environment that encourages people to reach their potential while delivering quality products and services to our customers and clients”, it requires a team of like minded people with a passion for helping others.

The celebration and recognition of Ruth Belan’s contribution to Merriwa could never be overstated. Ruth is a person who takes these attributes to another level, reflected in the number of people’s lives she has supported over her time with Merriwa.

Ruth’s passion and love for people in need of a leg up, often results in her dropping all plans for the night or weekend to backfill a shift or support young people in their hour of need, without a hint of complaint or seeking compensation for the impact on her personal life.

Thank you Ruth for your loyal and dedicated service and being such a valued and respected member of the Merriwa family.

Business wise we have hit the ground running in 2019. With the year shaping up to be an uncertain one with drought, floods, federal elections, housing market slowdown and a slowing world economy, we need to be mindful of the potential issues ahead. The managers at Merriwa are currently busy reviewing business plans to prepare and ready to react, ensuring they deliver the best outcomes for our people, customers and clients and we continue to prosper now and in the future.