Merriwa’s Timber Division has seen a rapid period of growth despite the ever-evolving changes in environment that COVID-19 has presented.

The team has been working through changes to their production floor layout including the upgrade of equipment and the addition of a new glue lamination room for the production of their Timber Beams.

Merriwa Timbers Divisional Manager, Mark Umanski has said “These changes to our production floor have resulted in improvements to safety, reducing manual handling for our team and increasing our capabilities and production output. This has only be achievable through the support of our team and our culture of continuous improvement.”

Mark continued “As we look forward to the next 12 months, we remain alert and cautious with the sudden changes that COVID-19 can bring, but we are also excited by the opportunities that this environmental change has brought us. Our capabilities and efficiencies have improved to allow us to expand our customer base and we have the potential to introduce new engineered timber products to our scope which is an exciting prospect for us.”

Merriwa Timbers has some exciting new projects in their sights and looks forward to what 2021 will bring.