There is always a lot going on at Merriwa Industries’ four divisions.

Merriwa Packaging

True business longevity requires planning, which Merriwa Packaging is accustomed to.

Amy Collins, Packaging Operation Manager has been looking at ways to deliver continual improvement in all aspects of the Packaging operations, including team wellbeing. Currently our Packaging business is:

  • Focusing on learning and development for all employees. Engaging and encouraging team members to further their workplace knowledge and giving team members the opportunity to gain formal qualifications.
  • Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system across Packaging to improve inventory and freight management and warehousing outcomes.
  • Increasing the packing of pet food from raw material to finished goods for our key customer, Mars.


Park Lane Nursery

Maria Wadley, Division Manager is strengthening Park Lane Nursery’s business model, ensuring growth in team development and production. Currently the team is:

  • Providing ongoing work, training and development and additional employment opportunities through adding two new propagating lines for new, large commercial customers located in Melbourne .
  • Increasing production due to growing customer orders and demand for stock, helped by good summer rain.
  • Continuing to help our growing numbers of retail customers during summer, which is traditionally a quiet time of year.


Merriwa Community Services

Since September 1998 Merriwa Community Services has been providing supported residential services to at-risk young people. Merriwa now operates five residential homes helping vulnerable young people living in out of home care.

Colin McClounan, Manager Merriwa Community Services is leading our team of over 50 team members to establish a positive emotional connection with young people in care. The team is currently:

  • Engaging young people by connecting them to the community through their interests and providing positive experiences while also establishing individual plans for each young person.
  • Recruiting for new team members. You can find details of employment at Merriwa on the Merriwa Industries website:
  • Reviewing and improving processes and aligning systems across houses to provide improved workplace outcomes for both young people and team members.


Merriwa Timbers

Demand for our engineered wood products including laminated beams remains strong with a buoyant construction sector.

Matt Fraser, Business Services Manager said “Merriwa is continuing to upgrade and invest in the production facility to boost production capacity.”  This includes expanding the capability to include contract processing for new customers that will bring new products to market over the coming months.  Most importantly this will provide new career development opportunities for existing employees, as well as potential growth in employment for all abilities employees in the future