Merriwa has recently employed three additional Engagement and Development Leaders (EDLs) working in the Packaging, Timbers and Nursery divisions.

Joanna Bate Support Services Coordinator said the EDLs, will be working with team members discussing their passions and setting goals.

“Upskilling in warehousing, food processing and packaging are on offer.  2021 is set to be an exciting year as we all learn more about each other,” Jo said.


“We are really excited to have new faces in our team. The all abilities team members tell us they feel even more supported now to reach their goals.

“The new members of the team have been employed because of the growth in each division. To know that even after 2020 Merriwa can grow is fantastic.

“There is a great variety of strength and experience in the new EDLs. There are now seven Engagement & Development Leaders. They are working as a team, supporting each other, and growing relationships.

“There are also two new members in the NDIS Administration team. So, welcome to Sandra, Rosalind and Wade, the new faces in 2021. In 2020 we were joined by Louise, Sally, Ashley and Patrick. This has excited Eril, Nina, Natalie and myself greatly. We are all looking ahead to see what opportunities 2021 has for us.

“Best of all, we are excited to be part of an environment so focussed on people reaching their full potential in a safe, respectful and meaningful way and in accordance with their personal choices.”

“I am extremely passionate and motivated in supporting others and strengthening their tomorrows.” Rosalind Butler: Engagement & Development Leader

“I’m really enjoying working at Merriwa.  Everyone is friendly and supportive. I feel like I belong.” Sandra Rossi: Engagement & Development Leader

“Discovering team members’ passions and developing them into reality is really rewarding.” Wade Leonard, Engagement & Development Leader