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Welcome from our CEO

Our Dream at Merriwa is to be part of a future where people of All Abilities reach their potential and feel respected, happy and confident.

Merriwa is an organisation operating as a social enterprise since the mid 1990’s. One of Merriwa’s core values is Diversity something we live and breath on a daily basis through our people and business operations. Employing an all abilities team of over 300, Merriwa operates commercial businesses in the Packaging, Timber and Garden Nursery sectors, along with delivering support services in Child Youth and Family.

Our workplace is based on philosophy of continuous improvement, creating a safe place where people are encouraged to have a go, where getting it wrong is not seen as failure but as an opportunity to learn, improve and grow.

Merriwa is extremely proud of what we have achieved since our foundation back in 1975. We operate successfully in a dynamic and challenging commercial world, delivering strong and sustaining social outcomes for today and the future.

We invite you to join us,

Bart Crawley

Chief Executive Officer

At Merriwa, our Dream, Purpose and Values guide the way we work together with our clients, customers and each other. By caring about our business and each other we can help more people in our community.

Our Dream:
We are part of a future where people of all abilities reach their potential and they feel respected, happy and confident

Our Purpose:
We provide an environment which encourages people to reach their potential while delivering quality products and services to our customers and clients.

Our Values:
The Merriwa team has shared values which result in taking PRIDE in our work and our role in supporting our community;

We are prosperous and successful in the provision of our products and services, and having a positive working environment.

We treat the Merriwa business like it is our own

We are honest, ethical and work to high standards

We acknowledge that every person has different abilities and we welcome, accept and celebrate our differences

We are committed to being the best we can be, everyday, as we serve our clients and our customers

Merriwa is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. Board members bring their skills, expertise and vision to the board table for the benefit of the entire organisation.

Our Board of Directors understand that the heart of Merriwa lies in our ability to continue to successfully manage our commercial operations so that they fund our important social dividend projects.

Danny O’Donoghue

Executive Officer, NE Tracks LLEN Executive Management experience within public service and education sectors.

Director since March 1995

John Joyce
Deputy Chair

Director, RESET Pty Ltd
Management experience in strategic planning, project development and implementation as well as having had key Director/Management roles with State Government Departments, in the area of Regional Development, Housing and Community Care, Acute Health and Aged Care.

Director since November 2013

Joe Caruso

Retired Chief Executive Officer, St John’s Village Inc
Senior Management experience within public health and rural services sector.

Director since March 1995

Margaret Bennett

Chief Executive Officer, North East Health Wangaratta
Outstanding community focussed Health Management and leadership experience and strong Governance credentials.

Director since August 2017

Libby Hosking

Former Principal of Wangaratta District Specialist School
A champion of and for, people with a disability.

Director since October 2014

Merriwa’s Senior Management has diverse skills in commerce, industry, private, public and community service sectors. Our Senior Management team consists of

Senior Management Team

Bart Crawley
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Currie
General Manager of Operations Wangaratta

Joanne Ryan
Finance and Administration Manager

Scott Grant
General Manager of Operations Wodonga

Jacquie Pavlik
Quality and Compliance Manager

Lisbeth Long
Human Resources and Culture Manager

Divisional Management Team

Paul Rundell
Contract Packaging

Matt Fraser
Contract Processing and Packaging

Maria Wadley
Park Lane Nursery and Garden Centre

Mark Umanski
Engineered Wood Products

Annemarie Noonan
Child Youth and Family

Merriwa is proud to support a range of organisations, community, individuals and sporting groups in our community.

To help guide those seeking sponsorship, Merriwa has developed a sponsorship application process to ensure our requirements and guidelines are clear, and to encourage applications that align with those needs. We will consider applications that;

  • Are in line with Merriwa’s products
  • Are in line with Merriwa’s values
  • Directly involved the Wangaratta and surrounding communities

We require a minimum of 4 weeks to consider sponsorship requests. Please download the Merriwa Sponsorship Application Form here and submit completed form to:

Jo Maples
Marketing Assistant
144 Greta Road,
PO Box 392
Wangaratta VIC 3676

E: jo.maples@merriwa.org.au