“I want to thank the people I worked with, especially all the supported team. They gave me happiness every day I came to work. They make me laugh and I make them laugh. They are good friends; they are priceless. At first, I did not know what working with all ability was like. I did not know all the supported workers were sweet and loving. I am sad to leave Merriwa; I cried.”

After 19 years as a Merriwa team member, Carolina Cabalar from the Packaging division, said this is what her teammates meant to her.

At her farewell on 19 January, Bart Crawley, CEO reminded us that Carolina is a lifetime member of the Merriwa family and we will continue to see her at our events.

“I would like to thank Eril Edwards (Engagement and Development Leader). She has done an amazing job for all of us and I cannot imagine that she would put on this party for me today! Merriwa is just like a family and I would like to thank everyone that supported me,” Carolina said.

In an interview with Merriwa’s Communications Team members, Emma Arnol and Zach Maskell, Carolina reflected on the highlight of her 19 years here.

Carolina said,

“My happiest memory is when I got the quality award trophy. I specially wanted to thank those that voted for me – it is something I will never forget.”

“I want to say thank you to Paul Rundell, Production Leader. He believed in my capability and gave me the skills to do the work.”