Merriwa is all about helping its people reach their full potential.

One way we invest in our people is through education and training programs – and it is working.

Noel O’Rourke is one example. Noel is one of 15 all abilities employees at Merriwa who took up the opportunity to enrol in a Certificate 1 in General Education for Adults late last year.

The course is delivered at Merriwa’s Wangaratta and Wodonga sites with Indie College.

Team members are guided through a structured learning program by Ranni Lack, a trainer from Indie College.

Ranni enjoys working with her Merriwa groups.

“Assisting the learners each week and watching their confidence and potential increase is an amazing program to be a part of,” Ranni said.

The skills developed in the course are helpful for everyday life, in the community and at work. Topics include ‘Accessing the internet for language learning’ and ‘Using numerical applications in the workplace’.

The learning and assessment activities include worksheets, practical tasks and group discussions.

Noel recently completed a unit called ‘Engage with simple texts for employment purposes.’

He is looking forward to learning more as the course continues. “One-on-one with the teacher is good. I learn more,” Noel said.

Clint, another participant in the course, is also enjoying the course.

“Learning different things is interesting. Ranni is a good teacher,” Clint said.

Lorelle, another participant, agrees. “Ranni is a very good teacher. She has lots of patience and understanding. I’ve learned a few new things,” Lorelle said.

Christina also values what she is learning in the course. “It’s good learning how to use a computer – email and stuff. It’s useful.”

This externally provided course is just one example of the expanding Learning and Development program at Merriwa. A range of other in-house and external education and training programs that will continue in 2021 are all about helping to achieve Merriwa’s dream: to be part of a future where people of all abilities reach their potential and feel respected, happy, and confident.