The end of 2021 is upon us.

The festive season is a time for reflection, recuperation and reenergizing ourselves for the year ahead. During our reflection time it is important to be grateful. Gratitude causes our brain to think of the positive things in our lives versus the negative, something our brains are programmed to do.

Let me share three things I am grateful for as the CEO of this wonderful organization called Merriwa Industries:

1. The Community of Wang and surrounds. We are fortunate to be part of a community that cares and supports for each other, something so easily lost in today’s society. A recent example of our community caring for each other, was the speed at which the community became fully vaccinated to ensure they protected themselves and each other.

2. The second is living in this wonderful part of Australia known as the Northeast of Victoria. It is a gift to be able to live our lives in such a beautiful place. A place where we experience all the four seasons. Our winters being cold crisp with snowfields at our back door. The winter leads to the beautiful spring days where the countryside comes to life, full of colour and the smells of spring. Before long, the weather warms up and summer is upon us, a season of long warm days, bringing a dry heat, making it bearable to enjoy the outdoors and the amazing natural assets we have such as our rivers and lakes. Autumn brings the colour and what colour it is. The colour of the Northeast draw’s tourists from all over the country. We Northeast Victorians are incredibly lucky because we get to wake up every day surrounded by this celebration put on by Mother Nature.

3. The third is the Team at Merriwa Industries. Merriwa is about celebrating the diversity of our people, coming together, supporting each other, ensuring we deliver outstanding products and services to satisfy our valued customers, supporting the creation of more jobs for people with All Abilities.

Over the last two years our team has been challenged by the events resulting from the pandemic. During all of these I have been impressed and proud of the team. The support and care for each other has been outstanding and you could not be more inspired by such a wonderful group of people.

I would like to finish by asking you to be grateful during this festive season. Please give thanks for the wonderful things that you have in your lives.

I was reminded of the butterfly effect recently; wouldn’t it be wonderful if through thinking about the positive things in our lives we could create a ripple effect that generates positive change across the world.

Stay safe and have a happy festive season.

Bart Crawley