Merriwa’s Packaging divisions play an extremely important role in the supply chains of some major Australian supermarket retailers. As we have all seen when we visit the supermarkets, product lines are being depleted, shelves left empty and demand is outweighing supply of certain products. Merriwa’s packaging divisions are working extremely hard to replenish volumes of products within a range of supermarket categories.

In order to continue business operation, Merriwa has implemented a number of strategies across all divisions to keep their team safe and healthy.

General Manager of Packaging Operations, Scott Grant explains the measures in place, “Across our Packaging sites in Wangaratta and Wodonga, our changes have been immediate and have been embraced by the team. Those working in production and in hands-on roles have had to adjust to new working hours and rostered days, staggered breaks and lunches. In some instances we have downsized teams on production lines to provide space and distance, as well as implementing social distancing in all common areas which have been redesigned with floor markings. Increased hygiene practices have also been a priority in line with governmental recommendations.

We also have a number of team members working from home, which has been a huge adjustment for many, but through the use of technology we are still very much connected, using Microsoft Teams and other online platforms for virtual meetings and collaboration.”

While Merriwa has seen many changes implemented, they have also seen moments of joy and positivity with team members stepping up and excelling in their roles.

Paul Rundell, Manager of Packaging Wangaratta noted the team is going above and beyond in their roles “We have seen team members quickly learn new skills such as using new equipment including the sleeve wrapper machine, tying carboard bails, completing paperwork, all to support their team and the production lines. Our team has responded amazingly well, and our team of supervisors have been instrumental in introducing these changes.”

Wodonga Production Manager, Naomi Leslie concurs, saying “Words cannot express how proud we are of our team. They have been incredible in supporting each other, checking in on everyone and taking on new tasks when needed. What an incredible, flexible, adaptable and positive team we have here”.